Shuriken Training Android Game, shoots like a ninja: Review

AxouxereGames has brought a pretty good game i.e. Shuriken Training, a game in which we will test our skills as if we were a Ninja.

Shuriken Training

A couple of months ago, AxouxereGames already released a game where we would test our skills, in Trap Ball. Now return to the fray with a new game in the style of Trap Ball. Note that Trap Ball received an update with many improvements. With Shuriken Training will have the ability to test the ability to launch Shuriken in ninja style.

At the beginning when you will start the application, you will see a loading screen with the logo of the company that developed this game, then we have the choice between three languages (Galician, Castilian, English). After choosing the language, you will find different sections, which only have a game mode in which more than 100 levels. Such section also has the options: how to play, credits, other games and quit the application.


The operation of the Shuriken Training game although the option to play the explanation is perfect, this games was tested on Samsung Galaxy Nexus with version 4.1.1, the touch operation was not that sensitive, does not respond well. It is rare since any game installed on Nexus worked perfectly; maybe this option is not well polished for versions up to v4.1.1 but it could work with Gingerbread perfectly.
In Shuriken training game, by tilting your phone or tablet you find the enemies and the shuriken throw-them by sliding your finger across the screen before you take away life. You can see the red shadow of the ninja on the screen which tell us where is the enemy actually; if you ninja will get killed then you will get a life, if the ninja is white then you will leave with 2 lives and if lilac then, 3 lives. Caution should be exercised as from time to time we will Geishas, if we kill we lose life. We have the option back to life with vases that we appear on the screen, but keep in mind that you don’t need to kill everyone which may result that you may lose life. You can download this Shuriken Training game from here.



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