Simplify Smart WiFi Manager Android App: simplifies the management of your Wi-Fi and mobile networks

An easier way to connect to the Internet is now available for Android devices. Armed with a management interface for Internet connection, Simplify Smart Wi-Fi Manager Android APP makes it easier for the power network connected to the best anywhere. Whether it’s a Wi-Fi or cellular data connection, the application provides the facility to automatically switch available connections.

Simplify Smart WiFi Manager

The application has built-in technologies and Zero Eco Surf Touch, so that not only provides great connectivity, but also eco-friendly application. Zero Touch saves your connection preference in a particular location, so every time you’re there automatically connects to the Internet without having to touch anything else on your smartphone / tablet.

Simplify Smart WiFi Manager
Eco Surf, by contrast, eliminates unnecessary network and lets you connect to the Internet on the first try. Not sure Wi-Fi near to your location? Using the lever Simplify Smart WiFi Manager, discovery of these places will let you know via Google Map.

Simplify Smart WiFi Manager

To loop the loop, the characteristic of drag to connect you to drag any available network to connect to the Internet. This will save time in changing mobile data networks to Wi-Fi. With this feature, everything happens in one place and time using Simplify Smart WiFi Manager Android App.


Simplify Smart WiFi Manager
Simplify Smart WiFi Manager is not the only application of this type. In fact, several applications of the same type, such as WiFi Booster Easy Connect, which are available in the Google store Play. Simplify Smart WiFi Manager what makes unique and interesting is the fact that it is one of the most comprehensive application of its kind. Provides a simple interface with useful features for free.

With Simplify Smart WiFi Manager, you will not need to worry about playing options to manage the connection to the Internet. With a touch of fingers on the connection of your choice, it will be enough to connect.

If you want to instantly share profiles of Wi-Fi with your friends on Facebook, all you need do is play with your phone from another smartphone using NFC and your friend will be able to securely transmit your Wi-Fi settings. This saves time to write or read aloud their passwords when you share the connection settings.
Simplify Smart WiFi Manager Android App has an incredible feature is the circular dial, which provides users with direct vision and access to all the levers of connecting your device. Alternate modes such as “offline”, “always available”, “Wi-Fi only,” “Eco Surf” and “Discovery” which are presented in the home screen widget of Simplify. Thus, no need to change the menus and touches on many buttons to select connectivity. In fact, once you set your preferences for connectivity, you can simply touch the widget simplify to get the best connection for you.
Download Simplify Smart WiFi Manager on Google Play: Click Here

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