Sony Xperia go Android Smartphone: Complete Review & Specs

Today we have brought a complete review of one of the promising smartphone from Sony; in this case we are talking about Sony Xperia go smartphone. This review will guide you through the specs, features, pros and cons of Sony Xperia go smartphone.

Sony Xperia go
The Sony Xperia go model comes in three colors – black, white and yellow. In addition to color and it comes in few special editions. Version with a yellow body with the name in addition to the usual Sport Edition comes with a special set of accessories Headset MH650, bag, pouch and strap on the hand.
Design and Ergonomics

In appearance the Sony Xperia go closer to Sony Xperia Sola. This association is protruding above the surface for the protective glass on the front, though, unlike Xperia sola, the transition between the glass and the body is smooth. This same passage also recalls the place where usually resisted thumb in mobile phones slider. Downstairs are three mineral glass touch keys, left to right – “Back”, “Home” and “Context Menu”. Under the last of these three keys, you can see the opening conversational microphone, and the center of the body – the inscription XPERIA. This phone is strong enough so that the user has the impression that it’s metal. At the top of the panel have ambient light sensors and proximity, as well as an indicator of events. On the Left – the slot of the loudspeaker.


At the top of the left side, is located headphone jack. Cover, of Sony Xperia go has special seals, so it don’t get wet. On the opposite side there is another jack, Micro-USB. Like the 3.5 mm connector, it is covered with a plug of hard plastic, the interior of which has a rubber seal. In appearance and color, it stands out from the overall design of the smartphone, but on the other hand, it is easy to grope blindly.
Power key / lock is located on the top. Looking at its size, there is a feeling that the designers were challenged to make the key as compact as possible. For there is one key claim – low feedback, learn about whether you have clicked on that you can, hit the screen or not. On the opposite side of the body, at the junction of the right side panel is a strap hole.


The back side of the case has sheltered a camera lens, a flash, a second microphone and speaker, and a logo that says XPERIA. Since the body does not have special grooves to remove the back cover. It is amazing how easily removable cover. Under the access panel that the word is made of plastic with a similar front panel texture, is a monolithic block turquoise. It prevents moisture and dust to seep to the important elements of the device. Connector plugs are in place, so that fear for the safety of the smartphone when it is not necessary to remove the panel. Removable panel acts as a decorative element. On the right side panel has two additional slots for memory cards and SIM-card. The memory card slot is covered with a soft plastic cover, while for a SIM have to remove in the special panel.
Without a removable panel housing Sony Xperia go smartphone looks and feels better quality. It is feeling solidly assembled device. One can only guess how the body will behave in active use.


Interface and Hardware Platform

The smartphone Sony Xperia go is working on operating system Android 2.3.7 with a proprietary interface Xperia UX.


This phone is featuring many of new changes and we are going to talk on only main things. The four main tools are collected in a folder located on the main desktop screen. Two of them are present in the Sony Ericsson Xperia active – this Compass and WalkMate. Two other cause only one question: Why again? Especially pleased with the localization of applications FigureRunning.


Not pleased, and with the stability of the Sony Xperia go smartphone. This applies both to the smooth drawing interface and reboots, lockups, location. With all our desire to run the standard for Android-smartphone application Antutu Benchmark, which allows you to evaluate the overall performance of the device, and view information about the hardware platform, we have failed to do so. Every time a black screen and then reboots the smartphone.


Liked the speed of loading pages in the browser and test fit into the page of Sony Xperia go smartphone. Performed well in the discipline of the smartphone and the length of time – with it you can easily count on two days with moderate use of multimedia features.


Display and Camera

In inexpensive Sony Xperia go smartphone used a TN-matrix with screen 3.5″ and a resolution of 480×320 pixels. Matrix has a good supply of brightness, which has a positive effect on the behavior of the display in bright sunlight, and great viewing angles. If it were not for the air gap between the matrix and the mineral glass display, Xperia go could well earn the highest score. Of course, spoiled HD-screen, users can easily notice the grainy screen, but in practice, the same Samsung Galaxe Ace, Apple iPhone 3/3Gs, this does not affect the overall device. Therefore, among the smartphones with a 3.5″ screen with HVGA-resolution, Sony Xperia go is at the top.


In contrast to the good characteristics of the display, we cannot respond so positively about the camera smartphone. Module 5 megapixel matrix allows you to take pictures with a maximum resolution of 2592×1944 points and record HD-video with a resolution of 720p. The camera has autofocus, digital zoom and can be run from the lock screen. Separate mechanical key is not provided.


Resistant properties of Sony Xperia go:

To find a smartphone with IP67 protection is far easy. Especially if you do not want to buy gray devices like Motorola DEFY. Like the Sony Ericsson Xperia active, a smartphone is able to respond to pressing a wet finger. Common classification level of protection IPX tells us that the device has the maximum protection from dust and one of the maximal protections against immersion in water. Simply put, you cannot be afraid to drop your smartphone in the sand or mud, the same applies to bathing Xperia go, even in salt water, but on the condition that after a bath in the sea, you see that your smartphone running. It was not afraid to spend half an hour under water to a depth of 1 meter.

Smartphone Sony Xperia go quite anticipated update the previous generation of devices protected. Retaining hardware stuffing, the model has got a slender body and looks like other contemporary models of the manufacturer. It easily coped with the basic functions through the dual-core processor and a good display, with easy to work without recharging for two days. No claims to the protective properties of the smartphone. Xperia go primarily benefits from all of the same bright display, and hardware platform. The only question left unanswered when alternatives of Android 4.0.

+ Compact size
+ Brightness and viewing angles
+ Performance Platform
+ Battery backup
+ Level of protection IP67

– build quality
– Instability of the software
– The fog time-to upgrade the operating system

This was all regarding one of the water and dust resistant best smartphone so far, Sony Xperia go.

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