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Sony Xperia tablet S: Review & Specs

Sony Xperia tablet S

The new Sony Xperia tablet S stands out for its original applications provided by the manufacturer, its successful design – and end with elegance – and its ease of use. It only suffers from one major flaw: too tight battery backup over its competitor’s brand....

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Sony Xperia SL goes official: Specs & Features

Sony Xperia SL

Without much fanfare, Sony has introduced its website in the intelligent terminal Xperia SL smartphone, one of the new Android Sony models scheduled for launch at IFA in Berlin. Sony confirms the major specifications of an Xperia SL that are already widely leaked. But now...

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Sony Xperia Tablet: Specs, Features and Price

Sony Xperia Tablet

On web, it has been revealed the upcoming Sony Xperia Tablet, irregular natural substitute of Sony Tablet S, the first attempt of the Japanese on the ground tablet. Main features and specs of Sony Xperia Tablet is also revealed, this Xperia tablet will be releasing...

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Sony Xperia Go: Review, Specs & Features

Sony Xperia Go

The all new Sony Xperia is waterproof and dustproof and comes with scratchproof screen with a wet fingers manipulated, the new smartphone from Sony target sports fans of the outdoors. This Xperia Go smartphone is also a good package of entertainment. While the Sony Acro...

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More information about the Xperia SL

Xperia XL

Just a week before Xperia SL smartphone was revealed. All the evidence points to the fact that it will be updated Xperia S, especially when laid parallel to the previous year, and Sony Ericsson Xperia arc S, which appeared after the Xperia arc. A reliable...

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