Sony Xperia tablet S: Review & Specs

The new Sony Xperia tablet S stands out for its original applications provided by the manufacturer, its successful design – and end with elegance – and its ease of use. It only suffers from one major flaw: too tight battery backup over its competitor’s brand.

Sony Xperia tablet S

Fine, elegant and powerful, the Sony Xperia tablet S stands out for its original applications. It only flaws in Autonomy.

The promise

Sony Xperia tablet S

Unveiled at IFA in August 2012, the new Sony Xperia tablet S format 9.4inches. Finally! – Available before the end of November. During the first days of its release is forcing Sony to withdraw from the sale. Its equipment was also revised upwards as new applications have emerged. What is this tablet to use and in terms of performance? We deliver our conclusions.

Sony Xperia tablet S

The new Sony Xperia tablet S is fairly logical joined by its new name, the Xperia range of smartphones. Remember that these devices have in common operating Android as well as many applications and services of Sony. Formatted 9.4 inches, as its predecessor, the updated Sony loses its original design magazine folded in the form of profit greater finesse: 9 to 12 mm while the first tablet was 20 mm at its thickest. The new Xperia loses, however, only about twenty grams but it’s for a good cause. The hull traded its entire plastic coating against a brushed aluminium back, more chic. In terms of connectivity, found in the thickest part of the tablet, headphone jack and card reader SD / SDHC protected by a plastic cover but the micro USB disappears. Finally, the screen, a correct definition, loses but gains slightly in contrast and brightness. The display quality does not lose by the change.
Equipped to meet all uses

Devoid of real overlay, the Sony Xperia tablet S runs Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) pending a future migration to Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean). Navigation is as smooth as the first model (at least after the update in 4.0!) And thanks to the Tegra 3 processor (quad core) Nvidia management games and multitasking is increased.
Sony provides users of Small Apps permanently accessible through an icon at the bottom of the screen. Grouping among other programs, a calculator, a voice recorder and a Web browser, the Small Apps can be displayed at any time in the core of a window occupying a part or half of the screen. It thus becomes easy to make a quick web search without interrupting playback of the movie or the management of emails. Nothing very innovative However, Samsung already offers this type of function on its first Galaxy Tab 10.1.
More applications created by Sony

From swell the ranks of Sony programs (infrared remote platforms, download Music and Video Unlimited, etc.)., New applications, also present on the latest smartphones like the Sony Xperia T, just replace those with a Google design more elegant and additional functions. The music player is renamed as Walkman, Google becomes the Gallery Album and video player with the name of movies, good news, supports most formats like XviD, WMV9 or MKV and until HD 1080p. The manufacturer adds that the Reader by Sony (for reading ebooks), SocialLife to manage their social networks through a beautiful interface and putting Select Sony forward applications recommended by the manufacturer. Finally, on the hardware side, the photo sensor from 5 megapixels to 8 megapixels and filmed in high definition (HD 1080p) … with a gain of quality rather limited, especially in photo.

Autonomy remains poor especially in video

Intended for family use, the Sony Xperia tablet S now allows the creation of profiles for each family member and has an anti-splash at the screen and connectors, as long as you close them provided through caches. It should be noted in this connection that the one who protects the dedicated outlet loading is not attached to the tablet, there is the risk of loss. On the other hand, as we mentioned earlier the first series on sale had a leak, the marketing of the tablet has been delayed to the end of November. Another downside, more annoying, the new Tablet S frankly does not see performance improvement in the area of autonomy. With about 7 hours surfing (better than the first model) or a little over 5 hours of video playback (less!), The Xperia displays just fair results against its major competitors.
The verdict

With its many applications and its housing Sony wins with finesse and elegance, Sony Xperia tablet S is one of the Android tablets that are the most original and in design. Better equipped than the previous model, it offers increased ease of use. Only autonomy remains disappointing.

This was all regarding one of the good performing tablet i.e. Sony Xperia tablet S.

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