Steve Ballmer: Microsoft Surface initial sales show modest gains

Microsoft’s decision with respect to market hardware solutions with your Microsoft Surface tablet was ambiguously perceived other market players. Thus, the company Acer has repeatedly criticized the move, and even delayed the release of their tablet running Windows RT due to market products of Microsoft Surface.

Microsoft Surface

However, the tablet have to be popular with end users, and not the players, because only time can show whether the idea of publishing Surface tablet good for Microsoft. And it seems that the results of the sales of these devices are not pleased with the manufacturer. In an interview, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, said that the initial sales of Microsoft Surface tablet show modest results. However, it should be recalled, previously reported that Microsoft has sold on pre-order all the tablets Surface RT in the launch configuration.

However, Steve Ballmer said that the more productive version of the tablet Microsoft Surface Pro with the version of the operating system Windows 8 (used in devices Surface modification of the operating system Windows RT) will receive Intel processor and a higher resolution display screen. Perhaps this combination of features would be more attractive to users. In addition, previously the head of Microsoft said that his company intends to continue to pursue the issue of new hardware devices. This was all regarding the Microsoft Surface tablet, stay tuned for more updates.

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