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Western Digital 5TB HDD: Specs & Features

Western Digital 5TB HDD

Digital world is getting smaller and smaller with the more demand of storage capacity and many different storage memory device giants are working on single chip or drive for storing more date and here is the best example Western Digital 5TB HDD which will be...

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What is Fusion Drive and how it works?

Fusion Drive

Aside from the expected iPad mini, one of the most exciting developments by Apple in yesterdays is Fusion Drive, a solution that tries to combine the performance of an SSD with the storage capacity of a traditional hard drive. Signing Cupertino leverages technology already existed...

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Toshiba AL13SE: 2.5-inch HDD 10500RPM

Toshiba AL13SE

Toshiba has introduced an unusual range of enterprise-class hard drives – Toshiba AL13SE. This HDD has a spindle speed of 10,500 revolutions per minute for the form factor 2.5 inches. This class of device is not uncommon. For example, in 2010 introduced a line of...

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