Western Digital 5TB HDD: Specs & Features

Digital world is getting smaller and smaller with the more demand of storage capacity and many different storage memory device giants are working on single chip or drive for storing more date and here is the best example Western Digital 5TB HDD which will be released next year.

Western Digital 5TB HDD

Western Digital already has in mind the next generation of traditional hard drives, the storage system par excellence. While recently saw that reached the 4 Tbytes, so today we mentioned that WD has already hinted about Western Digital 5TB HDD units.

The world’s largest manufacturer of hard drives will extend this capability to their professional series optimized for NAS ‘Red’ and also consumption patterns ‘Green’.

The units of Western Digital 5TB HDD will be sold in the last half of 2013, i.e., the second half of the year, in standard 3.5 inch format, will feature 64 MB cache and SATA interfaces used 6 Gb / s.

This was all regarding the upcoming Western Digital 5TB HDD, stay tuned for more information regarding this giant storage hard drive from Western.

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