TeamViewer for Windows 8 is Available Now

With the arrival of Windows 8 also has the availability of a large number of applications that have been very popular with users of previous versions of Windows and now want to get the most out of Windows 8. One of the latest and most outstanding is TeamViewer, which has specific version to the latest operating system from Microsoft. Yes, now TeamViewer for Windows 8 is available now.

TeamViewer for Windows 8

This application and remote management access to any desktop having TeamViewer installed (either Windows, Mac OS X or Linux) now comes with a touch interface specifically designed to be used in tablets with Windows 8, and the tool and can be downloaded from Windows Store, the App Store is one of the values of the new operating system from Microsoft.

For now the app is at a preliminary stage and only you can access basic features, but when completed the beta will come even more possibilities. The TeamViewer for Windows 8 tool allows us to control any computer remotely in seconds, and with an encryption system that protects the connection between the two computers.

It also has a simple agenda “computers and contacts” to easily access remote computers, and have options like remote reboot or multimonitor support that are useful to both home users and administrators of enterprise systems. This was all regarding the all new TeamViewer for Windows 8.

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