Test your mind with cryptica Android game: Review & Features

Today we are introducing you with one of the good Android game which is a puzzle, in this case we are talking about cryptic Android game, a simple little puzzle game available exclusively for Android.


Like many other games of this genre, cryptica is to solve the same puzzle, that of the usual ease of the first levels reaches the tremendous task involved even finish some of the evidence of expert mode. And this is one of those games where the cards, each with a different symbol, move in unison to be placed in their proper place.

The truth is that cryptica has a really simple game plan, which, however, every move counts. And since it is difficult to explain in words the view becomes crystalline, the video below will clear any doubt about what kind of game is cryptica:

Cryptica is simple in form but in substance it is smart. A nice graphic part and contribute to basic music player that focuses on the puzzle, the crux of the matter.

Cryptica has a free version for up to 36 test-puzzles-and a paid version that includes 120 puzzles for only 1.52 euros.

Of course, there are dozens-hundreds-more interesting games of this style for Android . But this time we recommend cryptica.

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