The most addictive free Android games

Since the last year, Android users are increasing with a pace and Android games and apps are the attractive part of Android devices. You can find free download games, and best of all, you end up being so addictive that we can spend hours and hours playing without realizing. But among so many addictive games that we enjoy in our Android, there are some who are still the most played and downloaded. Today we thought, to bring you the most addictive free Android games. So, if you haven’t played those games then you can because these games can make you addict.

most addictive free Android games
Among highlights the Angry Birds and its various expansions, such as Angry Birds Space, which has managed to continue engaging fans, kill green pigs. It’s as simple as addictive, and throughout its 50 levels, there will be situations of skill, intelligence, and why not, luck.

The pub games are also usually very orders Android applications, so, for example, games like pool or darts, which you can enjoy feel free applications for the master in these games. These pool or darts also in the most addictive free Android games.

Now when it comes to the racing games that are other great games which receives continuous downloads in Google play store and can be very addictive. In here you can find all kinds of careers, both earthly luxury cars or SUV, as spatial propelled ships, everything is always taking long hours of entertainment and addiction.

Games could not stay out long, simple games like hangman, or the ball explodes known as the Bubble Shooter, or the classic Arkanoid are rejuvenated to continue giving moments of good games to its users. Also world famous characters like PacMan or Sonic are adapting their known phases.

Games are an endless source of entertainment and enjoyment, so you always have a big crowd behind them enjoy, whether new or classic games ever, right from your Android you can enjoy them. So, if you were looking for the most addictive free Android games then try these discussed games and enjoy your time.

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