The Top 10 Best HTC Desire Free Android Apps That Users Should Have

HTC Desire is a version of Smartphones that uses the Android system and was developed by HTC Corporation. There are various HTC Desire apps that you can find and you might be overwhelmed in making the right choice. Currently, it is one of the best Android phones available because of the customized HTC Sense user interface.  To enjoy the most of your HTC Desire phone, the best thing to do is to download free Android apps.

Top 10 Best HTC Desire Free Android Apps


Most popular Android apps for HTC Desire

  1. gReader

This application is a decent RSS reader that helps in pulling all the Google reader feeds into a single interface. If you want to use the browser, Google also provides a fast mobile web app for the Reader web site.

  1. Data Checker

Data checker helps in tracking the data costs. All you have to do is to install the Data Counter Widget so that it will monitor the cellular data transfer and Wi-Fi stats. It also features an option of deleting recorded data so that it will be easier for you to count the data used for the day.

  1. IM Plus

This is a talk messaging application that allows connecting to social network sites such as Skype, Facebook, Google Talk, MSN, Yahoo!, ICQ and Jabber.

  1. No Lock

It is the simplest app to download that controls locking the gadget screen. The NO Lock app eliminates the annoying problem of swiping down or unlocking the screen.

  1. Opera Mobile 10.1 beta

The Android has a built in webkit browser but you can also download the Opera Mobile 10.1 beta that is faster than the built in browser. Likewise, it also allows opening several browser tabs anytime you want. It is a super browser but there is no Flash support available.

  1. Chrome

This is another enhancement to HTC Desire in which the user can ping links between mobile and desktop easily.

  1. Skype

This app let user takes advantage with free calls through VOIP.

  1. TweetDeck

People who love tweeting will surely enjoy the Peep Twitter app. It is a life-empowering app that supports multiple accounts as well as integrates Facebook account messages by using the single unified timeline.

  1. myPlayer

myPlayer is a simple app that lists the content of iPlayer so that it can be saved into an SD card.

  1. SwiftKey

This app is keyboard software that does an amazing job. It predicts the word that the next user will type on the keyboard.

The HTC Desire is very versatile as it reflects exactly what the manufacturer wants to deliver. It is a good investment that gives the user the ease of communicating with family and friends. This was all regarding the top best HTC Desire free Android apps.

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