The Walking Dead: Game Review

One of the first clips of Dead Island, the one where the event takes place in reverse order by beautiful music, is justly considered one of the best trailers of all time. However, as it turned out, the game itself, it had little in common relationship in the sense that from Dead Island turned out not more than a very controversial slashers / shooter. Here is The Walking Dead by Telltale Games more in line with that same video. At some points a game just fascinates you the oppressive atmosphere, melancholy music, and a general feeling of hopelessness. To have the next moment you need to turn into brutal action.

The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead
Genre: adventure
Developer: Telltale Games
Publishers: Telltale Games


The Walking Dead

Unusual aspects of gameplay, the game changes depending on the decisions made, interest is not reduced during the whole episode.The animation and graphics in the style of Telltale, Custom zombie game that’s worth a try.

As is the case with the previous games Telltale Games (Sam & Max, Back to the Future, Jurassic Park), The Walking Dead series comes out. There are Total planned five episodes. Two of them are ready, and before the end of the year will have time to get the rest.

The Walking Dead

Besides the fact that The Walking Dead zombie game (this subject soon seems to beat the most popular shooters on the Second World), it has another feature. How do you immediately warn developments are based on your actions? Somewhere we have seen. At first glance it seems that the usual nonlinear blatantly trying to sell a new cover. However, after the first episode, it becomes clear that it is not.

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead can be compared to Mass Effect, only instead of full parts, separated by a few years, there are small episodes that go through a couple of months. In each series of decisions taken in one part affect the storyline in the future. That’s only if in Mass Effect, everything seemed simple and clear, the consequences are difficult to predict.

The first episode is devoted to the events occurring immediately after the start of a zombie apocalypse. Incidentally, in contrast to the usual attributes of a zombie, and there is a departure from the classical genre, but this will be known only in the second episode. The next part is called Starved for Help, and recalls the film The Road in 2009, so that those who watched it already must submit, with which to face in the game.

There are a lot of branches in The Walking Dead, and it is not clear how and when the choice made will affect the game. Sometimes a serious mistake at first glance, the conversation may not lead to anything, because the way the characters quickly disperse. But there are decisions that affect the plot much more. After they have different players start to play their own version of The Walking Dead. For example, in the first part will have to choose satellites that accompany you to the end of the game.


It is worth mentioning that all the characters have memory. From time to time they remember the answers or action hero, and warn you about the inscription at the top of the screen. While this is mostly just changes the future dialogues, but there is a suspicion that at the end of the game will affect the final round. Response time is often limited. It looks almost like Fahrenheit (Indigo Prophecy). The bar timer fading fast, distracting from reading the answers.

Affect the flow and the inability to survive. Before you create a dangerous episodes please Auto Save, but before those very moments of choice – no. But you cannot call it a drawback. In The Walking Dead is becoming much more interesting to play, completely absorbed in the atmosphere and making decisions on the first try, not expecting to boot.

The Walking Dead

In contrast to the “hidden” the election, there are more obvious. In this case, the gamer is at a crossroads, and the game is waiting for his decision. Is there a time limit is difficult to say. Going into the taste, try to act as quickly as possible. Moreover, such a fork often occurs in the midst of events, and these can make the lives of other characters.

In each series there are six key decisions, and after the episode you can see, and even find out what percentage of the other players did the same anyway. To do this, do not forget to turn off or properly configured firewall to run the game; because if the statistics will not start up immediately, it cannot be viewed or later (the player will not even see their own decisions, not just somebody else’s).

The Walking Dead
In the genre of The Walking Dead – Point-n-Click adventure. That is sometimes necessary to drive across the screen with the mouse to find the right items. In the options it is possible to alleviate this problem, but some things are out of the screen, or light up only in the immediate vicinity of the cursor, so that some pixel hunting is still there. Disabling help, as well as reports on what conclusions do the other characters or what they remember, you can try the local hardcore mode.


The game has virtually no uninteresting things. To some extent this is due to the short duration of each episode, but it is better explained by the frequent change of events and the presence of non-standard gameplay challenges, impossible in the ordinary world, but thriving in the universe of The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead

Not all games, there are moments when the thought in my head slips “cannot be, they had to leave another solution.” However, other solutions will not be, or it will only get worse. How to feed the hungry 10 if you only have 4 servings of food, like half an apple or a piece of bacon? How to liberate man from the trap, having the only ax to open it does not work? How to tell a girl of eight years that in a world she will now have to live forever?

Despite the fact that the theme of Zombie too jaded gaming industry, is in The Walking Dead is something fresh, making you stay in front of the monitor until the end of each series. Passage of a single episode takes about 3-4 hours, and the first two parts The Walking Dead game is definitely worth at least try.

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