Top 10 Jailbreak Apps for iPhone 4S & iPad 2

Users can now access the latest jailbreak as it has been out already, but now when you have jailbroken your device, what are you supposed to do with it? You must check out the top 10 jailbreak apps for your iPad 2 and iPhone 4S so you can make the best of your gadgets.

iPhone jailbreak apps


In the present times, the development work going on with Cydia is daring and innovative, so if you are someone new to the world of jailbreaking, you need to discover what has been offered here.

  1. 1.       SBSettings

The app can be accessed for Free. However, it may take a little time for the app to grow on you. Initially, it does not seem to do much for you and acts to be a little mini-doc for your regularly used iOS settings. The app quickly becomes crucial, though, as turning on/off Bluetooth, 3G, WiFi and other apps become only a swipe or a tap away.

  1. 2.       MyWi

The app is available for only $19.99 and seems quite expensive, but if you consider tethering your iPad or iPhone, it surely is going to beat the $20 or more a month that your carrier would charge on providing the same functionality.

With MyWi app, users can tether their iPad or iPhone through USB cable to their personal computer to access the Web, or even can set their gadget as a portable Wi-Fi router. The app while working does not even drain the battery of your device, which certainly makes it an incredible app.

  1. 3.       iFile

iFile is an app available for free. It offers similar functionality as the Finder of an iPhone. However, given the fact that the iPhone has a closed architecture, the app enables users to fully navigate, view different kinds of files, bookmark your folders, compress zip packages, attach files to messages or emails and do a lot more. The app has its own inbuilt server, which allows users to theoretically host a portal right from their iPad or iPhone.

  1. 4.       Lockinfo

The application can be downloaded for only $7.99. It offers similar functionalities as of IntelliscreenX, which gives users a quick view access to unread messages, upcoming calendar events, new email messages and a lot more even when you have your screen locked. You can customize the app with numerous plugins and themes made available for the app.

  1. 5.       Barrel

The app is available for only $2.99 and it enables users to change the way the iOS operating system animates conversions between the home screen pages.

  1. 6.       Springotomize 2

The app offers incredible features. You can tweak every possible aspect of your iPad or iPhone with Springotomize 2. The app is available for only $2.99. From the dock to the animations, the icons display to the lock screen, the app offer innovative features to make the user experience for the iOS superior that ever.

  1. Dreamboard

With this app, you can change every single aspect of your iOS device and customize it as per your preferences. If you want your iPad to be just as a Honeycomb tablet, and your iPhone to animate Windows 7, you need to get this app to make it work for you.

  1. 8.       OS X Ultimatum

The OS X Ultimatum app is available for free. This app is useful in turning the iOS into the OS X. Being a user, you will be able to get access to fully useable stacks, finder menus, scrollable dock, mission control, dashboard, draggable windows, launch pad, as well as a customized lock screen.

  1. 9.       BiteSMS

The BiteSMS app is basically a messaging application on steroids. It provides users with numerous additional features such as Signatures, Templates, Auto-Retry, smileys, Quick Reply, Contact Pics, Quick Compose, Delivery Reports, Scheduled Messages, Privacy, Auto-Forward, Passcode Lock, and a lot more.

  1. 10.   IntelliscreenX

The app can be accessed for only $9.99. It is useful in turning your iPad or iPhone’s ‘Slide to Unlock’ screen into a mission control panel, which enables users to see everything at a glance without even unlocking your device.

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