Using Smartphone for Urine Medical Testing: $20 iPhone app From

Have a medical problem that needs you to check your Glucose level regularly? What if your Smartphone (with couple of other things) can do it for you?

A new $20 iphone app for urine testing will be launched shortly.

This iphone app can be used to test urine for the presence of 10 elements – including glucose.

The test can help check a range of conditions including diabetes, urinary tract infects, cancers, liver problems as well as routine medical checkup.

How will it work:

Users will collect their urine and dip a standard test strip into it.
The strip is placed on a mat. Mat is needed to normalise the colours on the stick since lighting conditions of the photo may be different.

Urine Medical Testing iPhone app
Using Smartphone for Urine Medical Testing (

The app will analyse the photo and check the colour for underlying condition. The app will come with the mat and 5 dipsticks.

It comes from the same guy – Myshkin Ingawale, a TED fellow who presented a blood test application last year (without already drawing blood).

The urine testing Smartphone application will also be tested in KEM hospital in Mumbai to compare results with usual machines. If the results are at par with other testing machines, it would be a boon for several remote places.

Whether the application from uCheck meets the expectations of quality remains to be seen.

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