uTorrent for Android arrived

The most famous BitTorrent software has arrived on Google’s mobile OS. No frills, it allows to download files directly on your smartphone or the tablet. Yes, you read it right uTorrent for Android OS.

uTorrent for Android

The basic interface, pretty ugly to be honest, shows the essential: that retrieves files, downloads completed. Everything is saved on your storage space, in a folder you specify. Software, true to its reputation, however, is light, simple, and its integration with Android, perfect: you can search for content directly from the software and all the streams that you want to repatriate – found via the browser, for example – are immediately supported by the application.

The available settings in uTorrent for Android are also minimal compared to the traditional version … However, we can establish the limitations of bandwidth for download and upload, change the TCP port to receive and activate the software to start the device.

“For best performance and avoid inflating your invoice data, we recommend taking advantage of Wi-Fi as soon as possible,” advises BitTorrent in the description of the application. We cannot agree more. Also note that the company states that its program is “free moment” which could mean that it will pay off soon. In any case, it does not house more advertising. This was all regarding uTorrent for Android which is just released.

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