Virus Android.Dropdialer discovered in Google Play

Experts from Symantec recently discovered in the official catalog of Google Play a malware, identified by a Android.Dropdialer. There is spread under the recognizable names of “Super Mario Bros” and “GTA 3 Moscow City”, as published in the App Store, both the packages are listed on June 24 this year.

Android.Dropdialer virus

The sole purpose of Android.Dropdialer is the ruin of the account owner’s mobile phones by sending SMS-messages to premium numbers. This kind of threat is not entirely new, but in this case, the important fact that it is quite a long “life” in the Google Play, during which the fake bags were loaded from 50 to 100 thousand times.
Symantec Experts suspect that this effect was achieved by a remote loader used in the Trojan program. This technique has been used before: the author of a malicious application splits it into several parts loaded at a time to avoid the detection of anomalies in the automatic verification process applications (QA).


In the case of Android.Dropdialer, the first part of the software was posted on Google Play. Once installed, it loads the add-on package, available on the Dropbox: “Activator.apk”. That it was engaged in sending SMS to premium rate numbers.


The Symantec observed a very rapid response of Android Security, you should uninstall “Super Mario Bros” and “GTA 3 Moscow City”, applications immediately after notification of specialists.


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