Windows 8 is sold like hotcakes, or so it seems

Microsoft has made great efforts to push Windows 8 and after the first few days of sales seems that users have responded. The Redmond giant has sold 4 million copies in the first 3 days as Steve Ballmer has announced at BUILD 2012.

Windows 8

Microsoft CEO expressed his enthusiasm for the acceptance of Windows 8. “Onset has been spectacular. Acceptance has been very high”. Although, he also said that they have sold many units as expected and have driven, as predicted, device sales.

“The notebook sales have grown 20% during the weekend launch.”
In addition to the 4 million Windows 8 sold, Ballmer talked about the 10 million copies distributed among manufacturers partners. Dell, HP, Sony or Acer has supported the launch with their laptops or tablets. A key partnership wanted to highlight the CEO of Microsoft.

But is it really a success, 4 million copies of Windows 8. Compared with its rival operating system, MacOS, perhaps the figure is not so spectacular. The version Mountain Lion sold 2 million in 48 hours after its launch. All this considering that the implementation level is much lower. Yet we cannot forget to Microsoft partners and its 10 million Windows 8.

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