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Best game for Wii U – ZombiU game

Best game for Wii U

In the past few weeks we see how Wii U game console sales are breaking records all over the world in the different countries and here we have brought you one game title which achieved the tag of Best game for Wii U, in this...

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Best iPhone games | Best iPod games

Best iPhone games

In an endless pool of gaming applications for excellent devices like iPod Touch and iPhone, you will find a lot more that will captivate your attention at the earliest stage. There is no denying the fact that 2009 explosions and release of games more than...

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The 15 best casual games for Windows 8


Windows 8 users can play games with the latest 3D graphic effects thanks to DirectX 11.1 support, however, the advent of touch support teams as well as tablets, computers and laptops all in one leads to success applications known as casual games. And today we...

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