10 Best iPhone Apps for Every iPhone User

There are literally hundreds of thousands of applications made available for iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone, and the best part is that most of them are available for free. Following are some of the 10 best iPhone apps an iPhone user must have for productivity, photography, news, travel, social networking, and more.

10 best iPhone apps

  1. 1.       Facebook

Here we start with the first ranked out of 10 best iPhone apps – Facebook is the world’s most popular and largest social media networking portal that brings a tightly honed practical to the iPhone users, but nonetheless, it enables users to access their feeds, contacts and other imperative information. The Facebook app for the iPhone certainly enhances the user experience to a higher level.

  1. 2.       RunKeeper

The app has been made available by Nike+. It was categorized into the ‘free’ and ‘pro’ versions earlier, but now the developers have generously included all of the vital features into a free app. Now you need not to spend any money, and yet utilize the iPhone’s GPS functionalities to track your routes, examine maps and do a lot more. You can even share your activities with your family and friends over the Web.

  1. 3.       PhotoSynth

PhotoSynth is undoubtedly a great application; it is fun to use and extremely user-friendly, especially when you are watching the panoramas mode photos while you captured them.

  1. 4.       Pulse

The RSS has been treated as rather a dry and uninteresting technology, providing you with only some of the dull headlines. If you are considering following some RSS feeds, the app can be a great choice for you, however it perhaps does not work well for the hardcore RSS feeds.

  1. 5.       Twitter

The official application may lack some of the vital features found in the likes of the Tweetbot, however it does provide a simple and sleek means of utilizing the service. This apps wins the tag of 10 best iPhone apps for no doubt.

  1. 6.       Dropbox

There are numerous apps which are useful for transferring the data from your device to your system, but the Dropbox app is easier to use and also free to access than most of the contemporaries.

  1. 7.       thetrainline

The app works really well for users wo prefer to communicate via train. The app is free to access and beats rest all. A location-aware ‘next train home’, timetables, offline results, journey planning are some of the vital options available in the app through a properly streamlines and clean interface.

  1. 8.       Skype

Another apps from the 10 best iPhone apps is Skype, it  happens to be an imperative download. The interface is usable and simple, allowing users to access it with a Skype account and then they can make free voice and video calls to other Skype users all around the world.

  1. 9.       Movies by Flixter

If you love watching movies, the Movies by Flixter is the right app for you. You can get to have details about the upcoming movies, lists nearby cinemas, show timings, and a lot more.

  1. 10.   TonePad

TonePad is an incredible app and of course it wins the tag of 10 best iPhone apps, specifically talking about his app which utilized a grid interface that allows users to turn notes on and off and also compose harmonious and pleasing loops; you can even edit, upload or save your creations as per your requirements.

This was all regarding the 10 best iPhone apps, hope you will love them, may be you have already own some of the apps then you can try others, you may also share your best iPhone app which would be appreciable by other readers also.

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