Cisco EA3500 : App enabled router with great throughput

Cisco is enhancing its router capabilities by incorporating the cloud based softwares and applications. The apps as well as Cisco Connect Cloud will help Cisco get one step ahead in the router market. The Cisco EA3500 N750 is one example of such router promoted as ‘Smart Wi-Fi’ router. Because of the ever increasing demand of wireless router, various models of wireless routers are arriving in the market with some unique features and easy setup procedure.

Cisco EA3500 N750 is designed for upcoming Linksys cloud-based management softwares and apps. It is a dual-band router. Built with leading 802.11n technology, it is a powerful router optimized for video, music, and gaming. The 2.4GHz band of Cisco EA3500 uses 2×3 antenna configuration which can deliver upto 300Mbps whereas the 5GHz band uses 3×3 antenna configuration that can deliver up to 450Mbps in an ideal RF environments. It has a USB 2.0 port for external storage and printers. There are 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports on the rear side for quick file sharing.

Cisco Linksys EA3500
Cisco Linksys EA3500

The Cisco EA3500 is designed to handle most demanding wireless networking tasks, like video streaming. The Cisco Connect software that comes with the Cisco EA3500 allows user to set parental controls as well as configure guest access.  It also comes with few additional capabilities which include the router to automatically receive updates. User can test the connection bandwidth using speed test. You can even prioritize which application should get the most bandwidth and help reduce buffering time while streaming videos.

The Cisco EA3500 router performance will obviously meet or even exceed most of the home users’ needs, but the thing that will stand out is its setup. The Setup is so easy that once user loads the setup CD provided in the box and click few steps, he/she can relax and let the router do its work. It does not need a wired connection between your laptop or desktop to do the set up. The setup is very user friendly and runs automatically.

It also has very good security features that let you password protect to restrict someone in the range to access the network. The 2.4 GHz band Mixed mode of Cisco EA3500 gives the fastest throughput. The throughput remains same even the laptop is at distance.

The Cisco EA3500 is just about perfect choice for those looking for a powerful router with good performance. With its easy setup process and excellent throughput at 2.4GHz and 5GHz it is one of the better router in this range. The price range of Cisco EA3500 is from $129 to $149.

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