Most Interesting Apps for Nokia Lumia 822

Nokia Lumia 822 offers a large range of Nokia-based apps, along with Windows Phone 8 applications like Internet Explorer and Calendar and many more. City Lens allows you to discover your present region, along with an eye on food items, resorts, shopping, transportation and sightseeing. The application also supports an increased actuality function which overlays names of nearest dining places, shops as well as other places on the display screen of smartphone.

Nokia Lumia 822

This application can be set up to provide voice guidelines, show nearest points and interesting points remarkably, provide a sound alarm when your speed crossing the speed limit in your Nokia Lumia 822. The Nokia Maps also includes excitingly a fresh software program, along with distinct views, road traffic and transportation information. The Nokia Music features similar to a mixture of Microsoft Music, Gigabeat and Pandora. Utilizing this application in Nokia Lumia 822, you are able to download and buy music tracks from the collection of Nokia, fifteen million songs.


Couple of Verizon particular applications is integrated in the Nokia Lumia 822. NFL Mobile is the second application, it provides soccer lovers the capability to follow their beloved teams, see match live coverage as well as highlights with NFL application with no extra charges.


Microsoft Applications


Almost all people links their different family and friend connections from Facebook, Twitter, Skype, LinkedIn as well as Email. Obviously, in case you are linked together all networks, that implies lots of latest information at the same time and same place.


The Data Sense in Nokia Lumia 822 allows you to fixed limitations by yourself data usage as well as instantly decreases heavy data information (for example images) when you access your limitation. Also, this feature will permit you to view how much individual data applications are utilizing, for example, as we established a 30 MB limitation for a day, the NFL Mobile landed 17 MB of total usage. For our knowledge, this application did a great work making sure that important information, like textual content, stays readable even when pictures turned more and more rough.


This application also allows you to discover regional offers inside your community via services like Living Social with your Nokia Lumia 822. Even though we are careful from saving our complete credit cards details in the one spot, we are able to view the attraction for anybody who wishes to blend numerous accounts.


3rd Party Applications

The Windows Phone 8 has lack of their programs. Windows Phone Shop at this time offers 119,000 applications, together with numerous famous apps like Angry Birds, The New York Times, Facebook and Netflix. Few third parties and many other individual app designers are working to create innovative applications for Nokia Lumia 822.

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