Top 10 Christmas 2014 gadget gift ideas for boyfriend

With Christmas being just over a month away, here are some ideas for gadgets you can gift to your boyfriend. These gift ideas are from fairly cheap to expensive. Well, couple of them are not actually a gadget ideas, but still worth considering.

    1. Idea #1: Gaming devices: Gaming consoles like Xbox 360, Playstation 4 and Nintendo still are the gadgets that boys love. There are latest versions stating below $200 which is not too bad.
    2. Take him to Europe for Christmas shopping: If you are based in Europe, you can just hop on to National Express Eurolines coach and go to one of the towns. London to Prague ticket is available for GBP 55 single or Budapest is from £73 Single from London.
    3. Buy him a hot new game: Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare costs around $120 and is one of the most popular games around at the moment.
    4. Golfing kits: You can buy Callaway, Wilson club sets for around $200 and am sure your boyfriend will thank you whole of summer for the wonderful gift.
    5. Leather wallet: If you are looking for an economical gift, Tailian, Fox wallets are available between $20 to $60.
    6. Bose Sounddock or other music systems: Bose makes wonderful sound systems at a bit higher price. It will be a great idea to compliment an iPod with a Bose SoundDock 10 Bluetooth Digital Music System. There is a lighter and cheaper version available as well.
    7. A new mobile: There are plenty to choose from depending on where you live. iPhones and Samsung Galaxy are some of the top ideas.
    8. Buy him a eBook reader: There are plenty of good readers to choose from. Barnes & Noble NOOK HD and NOOK HD + and Kindle Fire are popular choices.
    9. Consider Amazon Fire TV: You can check out from comparison of Amazon Fire TV with Roku3, Apple TV and Google Chromecast here. Note that this is from Amazon’s point of view.
    10. Buy a 3D printer: XYZprinting Da Vinci 1.0 3D Printer, FlashForge, Dremel are some of the companies which make 3d Printers.


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