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8K Technology – Threat to 4K Technology?

Have you heard of 8K television so far? You must have visited our earlier article on 4K technology and the wonders in the screen resolution it brings. The 4K technology is not just confined to TV, but it has good impact on smartphones, tablets, cameras,...

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What is video upscaling to 4k?

how is video upscaling done to 4k?

Video technologies and resolutions have changed over a period of last few years. The change from analog to digital was dramatic which made the shooting and editing of digital videos so much easier and cheaper. Next upscaling in video quality happened with advent of the...

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Westinghouse 110 inch UHD TV 4K resolution

Westinghouse 110 inch UHD TV

The ultra high-definition televisions are going to be a star of the devices in the next edition of the CES electronics show, with monstrous developments of 110 inches as the firm confirmed launch of Westinghouse 110 inch UHD TV. A model ‘dwarf’ models to Asian...

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Sharp PN-k321 Professional monitor featuring 4K resolution

Sharp PN-k321

According to available information, the following year, Sharp intends to bring to the market a professional monitor Sharp PN-K321 with the panel IGZO, having a supporting resolution 4K (Ultra High-Definition – 3840×2160 pixels). This new professional monitor from Sharp, Sharp PN-K321 has diagonal of 32...

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