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Internet of Things from Xioami

3 Interesting ‘Internet of Things’ products from Xiaomi

After launching the under $25 Yi Camera with Night Vision Xiaomi is launched some very clever new products which can fall under the umbrella of “Smart” or “Internet of Things” or IoT for short, devices. Mi Wi-Fi router with 6TB built-in storage New Xiaomi Mi Wi-Fi router not only delivers […]

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Is there something as a pregnancy safe WiFi router?

Is there something as a pregnancy safe WiFi router?

A Chinese technology company Qihoo 360 has launched a WiFi router which has a “pregancy safe” mode and claims that it can be used to reduce radiation if you have pregnant women nearby. Quite naturally, rival companies are claiming it to be just a marketing tactic. So are wireless signals […]

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Christmas gift idea for men

Top 10 Christmas 2014 gadget gift ideas for boyfriend

With Christmas being just over a month away, here are some ideas for gadgets you can gift to your boyfriend. These gift ideas are from fairly cheap to expensive. Well, couple of them are not actually a gadget ideas, but still worth considering. Idea #1: Gaming devices: Gaming consoles like Xbox 360, […]

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8K Technology

8K Technology – Threat to 4K Technology?

Have you heard of 8K television so far? You must have visited our earlier article on 4K technology and the wonders in the screen resolution it brings. The 4K technology is not just confined to TV, but it has good impact on smartphones, tablets, cameras, projectors and even your personal […]

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Example of 4k video upscaling

What is video upscaling to 4k?

Video technologies and resolutions have changed over a period of last few years. The change from analog to digital was dramatic which made the shooting and editing of digital videos so much easier and cheaper. Next upscaling in video quality happened with advent of the 1080p – HD video. It […]

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File Transfer between devices

File Sharing made easy : Read more

Now-a –days everyone has a mobile, a computer and a tablet. Working on each device at various timings and as per the need makes the digital data spread across these range of devices. You capture images and videos while on a tour using your mobile and tab, you create documents, […]

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Epson EX6220 front view

New Epson EX6220 Lightweight, Bright, Cost effective Projector

First things first. New Epson EX6220 projector is a data projector and is very good at it. The technology used is three-chip LCD which will give rainbow free images as compared to a DLP projector. Its resolution is 1280×800 with a brightness of 3000 lumens. If your objective is watching movies […]

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New Micromax Laptab runs both Android and Windows

Have you heard about Micromax LapTab?

When you hear about a LapTab, some people may have heard about Lexibook LapTab. However, the word will have a new meaning with the launch of a new device from Micromax. Laptop + Tablet = LapTab – as the name suggests, its a mix of these two devices. The main […]

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Asus 10.1-inch VivoBook featuring Windows 8 to be launched soon

Asus 10.1-inch VivoBook featuring Windows 8 to be launched soon

Taiwanese company ASUS is in major news with its two notebook versions the 11-inch ASUS S400C VivoBook and the 14-inch S200 VivoBook. To add another feature in the cap the company is now planning to bring a new 10.1-inch VivoBook. The new model will be the latest in the ASUS […]

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Notebook hp 450 Front View

New HP 450: Notebook with Great Features

Today HP laptops are surely one of the best in the world. The company is making some great laptops and with all the general supports that can be given through a laptop are all given at the highest form to the users. That can make the new creation form HP […]

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