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Windows Phone 8 rebooting problem resolved. How?

Windows Phone 8 reboot

There are various issues and problem observed and reported by users using the Microsoft Windows Phone 8 platform. The most commonly reported problem for Windows Phone 8 platform is the abrupt rebooting. The smartphone reboots by itself without giving any prior warning. This irritates when...

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Adobe Premiere Pro on Windows OpenCL support

Adobe Premier-Pro OpenCL

Adobe Premiere Pro is a hugely popular video editing software used commonly in the TV and film industry alike. Premiere Pro already supports OpenCL on Macs for a year. Now AMD and Adobe have got together to support open standard to Windows with the software’s...

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Google’s Glass will invade privacy? Be aware!

Google Glass

Google X Lab has worked on futuristic technologies such as driverless cars and developed Google Glass, a wearable computer with head mounted display. The Google Glass is a tiny display which resides just above the eyeline. One can view what is on the display. The...

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