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Example of 4k video upscaling

What is video upscaling to 4k?

Video technologies and resolutions have changed over a period of last few years. The change from analog to digital was dramatic which made the shooting and editing of digital videos so much easier and cheaper. Next upscaling in video quality happened with advent of the 1080p – HD video. It […]

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Epson EX6220 front view

New Epson EX6220 Lightweight, Bright, Cost effective Projector

First things first. New Epson EX6220 projector is a data projector and is very good at it. The technology used is three-chip LCD which will give rainbow free images as compared to a DLP projector. Its resolution is 1280×800 with a brightness of 3000 lumens. If your objective is watching movies […]

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Internet Dongle

Why Are Internet Dongles Gaining Exponential Fame?

Through the current technological advancements, a lot of new and sophisticated devices have continued to emerge. These devices are designed to make life easier and more enjoyable. One of the latest devices in the market today is the internet dongle. This device has proved to be rather useful especially to […]

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Apple iTV: Latest news and expectations

Apple iTV: Latest news and expectations

Apple has made good name in iPads and iPhones, and now thinking of bringing the next big thing to your living room, the Apple TV. Apple CEO Tim Cook has given the hint in early 2012 that Apple would like to do something different than its current devices. Rumours are […]

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Intel’s fourth generation Core processors with longer battery life

Intel’s fourth generation Core processors with longer battery life

Intel has taken a task to improve the battery life of its core processors.  They have recently announced at the Computex trade show in Taipei that they would be bringing the new generation i3, i5 and i7  core processors. Intel claims that the new processors will offer the biggest improvement […]

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JVC DLA-X55R Projector

JVC DLA-X55R Projector with 1080p D-ILA imaging: Review & Performance

Last year there was DLA-X30 from JVC which was followed by DLA-X35. The DLA-X55R carries forward that legacy with JVC’s e-shift2 added. This brings a 4K-like (3840×2160) viewing quality even while using the full-HD resolution 1080p D-ILA imaging panels. D-ILA is essentially short form for Direct Drive Image Light Amplifier […]

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ASUS PQ321: Monitor with 4K Ultra HD screen resolution

ASUS PQ321: Monitor with 4K Ultra HD screen resolution

You might want to take a look at the new ASUS new 4K Ultra HD monitor that ASUS is planning to unveil at the Computex event in Taiwan. You might be wondering what’s in it? Well, this is going to be a monstrous 31.5 inch screen size monitor with 4K […]

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Optoma W304M Projector With Remote

Optoma W304M a good alternative to LED projectors: Review & Performance

Light weight, bright, cheap are some of the words that can describe Optoma W304M. It promises a bright image at 3100 Lumens. The Optoma W304M weighs only 1.5 kgs and hence is a great alternative to LED based projectors which are light weight and hence portable. These are preferred in […]

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KEF m500 headphones

Known for HiFi speakers, KEF introduces M Series M500 headphones for $299.99

Athougth not as widely known as say Bose, KEF is a well known brand of elegant HiFi speakers. Now they are further trying to get into the audiophile’s minds by introducing new headphones called: KEF M series. This is KEF’s first entry into the crowded headphone space. The newly introduced […]

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Gaming Console

Nintendo Miiverse (source: wiiudaily)

Nintendo’s Miiverse gets mobile access, web interface

The Wii U from Nintendo contains an integrated social network system called Miiverse. Miiverse, which allows users to chat with one another through text, share gameplay hints, is directly integrated into the Wii U’s system menu. Now, Nintendo it taking it to next level by launching a web portal. Wii […]

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