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Everspin ST-MRAM the first memory chip: Specs & Features

Everspin ST-MRAM

Everspin Company announced the world’s first memory chips Spin-Torque Magnetoresistive RAM would be called as Everspin ST-MRAM, which are positioned as an alternative to non-volatile memory subsystems DRAM. New memory provides enough performance. On assurances of developers, the memory of Everspin ST-MRAM has 500 times...

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What is Fusion Drive and how it works?

Fusion Drive

Aside from the expected iPad mini, one of the most exciting developments by Apple in yesterdays is Fusion Drive, a solution that tries to combine the performance of an SSD with the storage capacity of a traditional hard drive. Signing Cupertino leverages technology already existed...

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AMD Radeon RAMDisk: Specs & Features

AMD Radeon RAMDisk

AMD just announced officially and free trial AMD Radeon RAMDisk. This is an application along with the new line Trinity APUs can significantly improve the performance of your computer. In what could be called as the next step of the SSD over HD, AMD raises...

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Three tips to increase the life of your SSD

SSD solid state drive life

Solid storage units, also known as SSD, are fast, produce little heat and provide access to files with virtually no latency. So there are all advantages and appoint some of the disadvantages compared to traditional hard drives such as a higher price per gigabyte or...

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