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5 ways to make WiFi in home faster

5 ways to make WiFi in home faster

WiFi issues and network problems continue to haunt us on a daily basis. However, after following some simple tips there may be ways where you can overcome this issue. Just having a good strength of network is not enough as you need a consistent way of making your WiFi work […]

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Anroid phones with best fingerprint protection

Best Android phones with notable fingerprint protection in 2015

Latest technology trends and affordability define the various smartphones today. With android phones being one of the most loved phones, introduction of new apps and technology is always a subject of curiosity among their users. One such technology that has been greatly appreciated is the fingerprint protection that has been […]

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Apple iPhone 6S (source: Ewan Spence)

Mobile phones to look forward to in 2016

We all may be the great fans of technology and culture but have you ever wondered what it is to look at the new collection of mobile phones which comes every year? These are phones to watch out for latest trends and to make a fashion statement. Here are some […]

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Sony HT-CT550W

Top voice / sound powered devices for gadget lovers

We are all fans of extreme and engaging technology. Thus, we will fall much better in love with when we know that the gadget we handle are worth enjoying. Technology now blesses you with gadgets that are sound powered and is extremely excellent for people to make use with. Here […]

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Apple app showing wifi waves around us

Review of iPad app: Reveals hidden waves of Wi-Fi and cell signals

Apple has always been a product which has made news for some of the craziest updates in technology. Thus, the product does rank better in making some good news. When there was a launch of iPad app no body knew it would create such headline but today it ranks to […]

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Top wearable gadgets in 2015

Top 10 Wearable Gadgets to look out for in 2015

With advance in technology and experimentation with new engineering trends, many digital devices are flooding the market. While, smartphones, laptops and tabs etc. rule the Consumer’s heart, wearable gadgets are no way behind. Being a combination of fine technology and style, these wearable gadgets are a must have. Here is […]

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Check out the 7 new features of this OS

7 new features of Android Marshmallow 6.0

The giant Google has finally begun with its roll out with the amazing next version of its mobile OS Android Marshmallow 6.0. With the next update of the new OS which is now numbered Android 6.0, instead of Android 5.2 as previously speculated. Announced at Google I/O 2015, the phone […]

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Skylake processor-the ultimate innovation for Intel

What is Sky Lake set of processors from Intel?

When the topic of technology and new innovations, Intel cannot be left far behind. In its new innovations, Intel has come up with its latest and amazing range of processors, which is codenamed Skylake, that targets everything from some high-powered gaming rigs to also computers which come up to be […]

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Axon- the latest addition in the smartphone

ZTE’s Axon Elite – more ways to unlock mobile

Have you ever felt that there were just limited options to unlock your phone? However, with ZTE’s Axon, you may never feel like complaining. Yes, ZTE’s Axon Elite gives you all the way more options to unlock your phone- Either through your eyes or fingerprints and also your voice. The […]

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Acer’s Liquid S2 – first phone with 4k camera

Acer’s Liquid S2 – first phone with 4k camera

With Motorola and Samsung coming up with various attractive features and additions in the technology of smartphones, the giant technology expert Acer aims to come back with yet another smart product. This time, one of the world’s top laptop makers aspires to make a steady mark with their latest innovation […]

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